Every Malayali now knows the truth now about who Sunil Kumar alias ‘Pulsar’ Suni is. As police records show, he had served term for a theft and there were allegedly a few other cases against him. He was catapulted overnight to notoriety from a total unknown to the world outside the chaotic cinema production scenario. His arrest over the alleged abduction and sexual assault of the actor, who has made a mark in the South Indian film world, was a celebration for television channels across South India and even some national channels carried updates.

Of course, Sunil must now have as many haters as Dileep has fans. Prosecution says Sunil acted on behalf of Dileep, who wanted to settle scores with the actor for supporting Manju Warrier in the divorce case against Dileep and standing by her ever later. Police have tagged the case as a first in Indian crime history in which a ‘quotation’ was given to abduct and rape a fellow film artiste.

Ever since the case broke, the events have been unfolding thick and fast. They rival even some movie scripts (Bet some have already begun working on a film script with this thread). Sunil has been directing the course of the case with his well-timed hints. After the police picked him up with rare alacrity from a court room where he had arrived to surrender, Sunil has led the police on a wild goose chase. His reach and influence was so much that he is alleged to have had access to mobile phones even inside the jail. A policeman has already admitted to letting Sunil use his handset for calling Dileep’s manager Appunni while being taken to court. In fact Dileep himself was arrested after he had made the grave error of pressing the case of attempted blackmail from jail against Sunil. As all news watchers know now, Dileep has since been in custody and his attempts to obtain bail have been unsuccessful until now.

dileepandmanjuSo, where is Sunil taking the thread of this blockbuster movie script? The wily critter had been hinting at involvement of a ‘madam’ even while refusing to add a name to that character. He revealed that the memory card from the phone with which he shot his ‘misadventure’ with the actor was delivered at Laksya, a boutique owned by Kavya Madhavan in Kakkanad.

However, considering the twists in the storyline, we cannot rule it out totally.

He let the cat out the other day. His ‘experiments with his version of the truth’ has been happening during visits to court house to on his return from there. He blurted out with much relish to eager journalists waiting for the precious sound bite that the ‘madam’ was in fact actor Kavya herself. So, there is a face to the elusive ‘madam’, at least according to Sunil. And woe be him, Sunil doubled or even tripled the number of enemies he has by mouthing Kavya’s name. It’s not clear whether Sunil had already given her name to police or not. At least the prosecution never hinted at any such revelations. Nope, we cannot be that sure about the course of the events yet. The prosecution had submitted the evidence against Dileep in a sealed envelope and not many know what explosive material it contained. At least the court seems to have thought that what the envelope contained warranted denying Dileep bail. That shattered his hope of celebrating the first Onam of his matrimony with Kavya together at home.  Instead, Sunil’s mention of Kavya’s name suddenly threw up the possibility (at least to some with fertile imagination) of the newlyweds spending the Onam together (not exactly so) behind bars though under different roofs. But at least for now there has been no move on the part of the police to take the script in that direction. However, considering twists in the story line, we cannot rule it out totally.